Name: Nebez Kassem
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My name is Nebez Kassem and I am an experienced UX-designer and a junior front-end web developer with a focus on React, Node and Javascript technologies. I am looking for new opportunities as a front-end developer or UX-designer.

My background lies in design, computer graphics, and 3D. I have extensive experience as a usability and user experience designer, and I also have many years of experience in visual design and illustration, both for web and print.

I have strong communication skills in both English and Swedish and I work well in teams, given my experience as a manual tester and as a test lead.

As a person I am always dedicated to improving myself and my proficiencies, something I feel is reflected in my background and experience, and I am always looking for new opportunities and experiences to learn and grow from.

Work Experience


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About Me

As a person I'm passionate, always honest and always willing to learn. My greatest goal in life is to learn new things and in that way, develop as a person. I always try to see things from new perspectives and I find joy in finding creative solutions to problems. Define a goal for me and I will work independently to get there.

My friends and colleagues describe me as intelligent, honest and competent and I believe I live up to that image if given the chance.

What motivates me is seeing results quickly. Nothing is as motivating as watching a project progressing with milestones with clear results. I prefer that in larger projects, there are shorter milestones with clearly defined goals. Working in groups and projects is preferable.

Hobbies and Free Time

The cultural medium I devote the best part of my free time are video and computer games. I play games not only because I think they are fun, but also because I think they are interesting.

This is an interest me and my girlfriend are very passionate about, so we spend a lot of time cultivating our mutual love and interest for the medium.

In the past decade or so I have been active in the non-profit association MEGA (formerly Terebi Ge-mu) in Malmö. MEGA is an association that works to promote video games as culture.

My interest in interactive media doesn't exclude a more broad interest for culture. I like to watch and study film and I read books, and I believe media-literacy is very important to learn and to promote. I have a very deep interest in science and history as well.

My other hobbies are drawing and painting, because I feel it is important to be creative and I also write fiction, mainly world creation and settings. I also play a little bass-guitar as another creative outlet.

I sometimes live-stream my endeavours in digital painting and illustration.


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